Our Partners


Our strongest partner, EcoAmmo takes sustainability to the next level. Founded in 2006 by three bombshells (Stephani, Brandy and Andrea), EcoAmmo helps businesses transition to a more sustainable future by acting as a project manager and guide. Their mission (they have chosen to accept it and it won't self destruct) is to "Arm Our Clients with Knowledge" and to assist construction projects and business operations transition towards sustainability.

Renu Building Science

Another close partner, the engineers at Renu Building Science are experts in envelope design and optimization and specialize in Passive House Designs. Passionate about green building and sustainability, they offer a wide range of building science services.

Green Alberta

By no means complete or exhaustive, this page contains links to some of our peers and partners in the Green Building Community in Alberta. This list is always growing as we are always looking for new green allies.

Our Affiliations

Green Energy Alliance of Alberta

We are proud to be a founding member of the Green Energy Alliance, a non-profit group representing over 30 member companies and organizations. The GEA is dedicated to promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency in Alberta and has a mandate of advocacy, education and connecting policy makers with industry members.