Revolve Engineering specializes in Net Zero building design, sustainable consulting, energy modelling and the design of renewable mechanical systems for Commercial and Residential Buildings. Below is a list of our offered services:

Geothermal (GeoExchange)

The only way to ensure a succesfull geo installation is to engineer the system from the ground up, taking into account every aspect of the building design. Our systems work by design, not by chance.

  • Geothermal System Design
  • Geothermal System Feasibility Analysis
  • Geothermal System Payback Analysis
  • Existing System Troubleshooting

Net Zero Building Design

Leveraging our extensive experience in green building design, we help clients achieve their design performance goals while ensuring the financial viability of the project.

  • Net Zero Building Design
  • Green Building Consulting & Planning
  • NECB 2011 Compliance Consulting
  • Exploration of Applicable Rebates & Grants

Building Energy Modelling

Energy models guide building design decisions throughout the entire design process and are essential to achieving a truly integrated and green building design.

  • Building Energy Modelling (Net Zero, LEED etc...)
  • Building Energy Modelling for NECB 2011 Building Code Compliance
  • Building Energy Modelling for 9.36 Residential Code Compliance

Solar Thermal

We use industry leading design tools to optimize every aspect of our solar systems, ensuring that our clients end up with a reliable, high performing and cost effective solar thermal system.

  • Solar Thermal System Design and Analysis
  • Solar Thermal System Troubleshooting

Green HVAC Systems

Our roots are based in traditional HVAC design so we know exactly where we can make the biggest impact on reducing energy consumption in the mechanical system.

  • Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
  • Low Temperature District Energy Systems
  • Air-Side Energy Recovery (ERV/HRV)
  • Drain Water Heat Recovery

Additional Services

We call these "additional" services but we view them as an integral part of our offering. They are usually a natural extension of most of our projects.

  • Construction Administration
  • Building Commissioning
  • Analysis of Current Systems for Retrofit Opportunities

Core Services

We approach every project with a holistic view of the building, taking into account the occupancy, envelope, lighting and HVAC system with the ultimate goal of reducing the energy consumption of the building. Our experience in green building design, as well as traditional HVAC and energy modelling, give us a unique look at how each building component affects the other. We use this experience and unique perspective to influence the design and optimization of the building. Whether it is to achieve Net Zero, or simply energy code compliance, we help guide the project to its energy target.

With over twenty five commercial geothermal system designs in our portfolio (and many more residential systems), Revolve Engineering is quite simply the leader in Alberta when it comes to geothermal design expertise. By applying sophisticated energy models and the industry's most trusted design tools to every project, the success of each project is planned, measured and confirmed. We work closely with the entire design team to ensure an optimized and integrated system that is not just right for the building, but the local geologic conditions and climate.

Energy models are a key component of all of our designs. With numerous building energy models completed not just for the design of geothermal and solar systems but also for LEED submissions and Net Zero building designs, our clients can trust the accuracy and thoroughness of each model. Energy Modelling also gives us a bird's eye view of the entire project, highlighting the different interactions between all aspects of the building. We use this perspective to improve the building design.

Revolve has extensive experience in the design and installation of solar thermal systems and the integration of these systems with other mechanical building system components. By utilizing the industry's best design tools we can take into account all variables of an installation; not just orientation and shading, but all of the individual solar components including storage and controls strategy.

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